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What can take ten years and ten pounds off instantly?

posted by Trina on November 2, 2011,
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In the search for youth humans tend to leave no bottle, or serum or device unopened but the secret to youth and vitality might be only five minutes away.   A properly shaped eyebrow open up the eye aand frames the face.  Wether its a little arch lightning or a major shape renovation, eyebrows always polish a look.  Its important that you are getting your shaping done by a professional who can choose what is best for you and apply the appropriate tension on the wax to make it more comfortable, more effective and last longer.  The brand of wax matters too an italian all oraganic sensitive formuila is best for most facial wax sessions. 

, if you are wondering if you need your middle brow waxed and a bit of a trim…you probably do so just ask your stylist to do it!   The icing on the cake is an appropriate color wether it is a fill in color when you get your haircolor  to deepen match or cover grey or a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse brows the proberly defined eyebrow is guaranteed to catch the eye of another only they won’t really know why…you look so great today?! 

Take the well worth it ten minutes and see if you don’t look like you lost ten somewhere!

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