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To Cut or not to cut that is the question….

posted by Trina on April 6, 2014,
in the category HAircare.

Everyday we get asked the question“how often should I cut my hair”? 

The short answer is when you dont love your hair anymore but the truth is this is different for every individual.

Hair has a growth cycle and for some this is fast for some it is a little slower this can vary for many reasons including health, age and even hair care.  People who are growing their hair long may require less trimming when they are trying to encourage length however it may be important to add some extra treatments to the regime. Redken chemistry sytem is perfect for those grwoing ou their hair we usually recommend you get one every month and alternate trims as needed arouind the treatments until you reachyour desired length.  While it is important to prevent split ends and damge while growing cutting too  often without treatments to encourage healthy hair growth and repair may actualy slow down the process.

Most of our guests that have a very specific hair desing in mind find that regular haircuts from 4 week to 6 weeks work best while more flowing longer stlyes sometimes can stretch to 6-8 weeks if they are on the proper schedule of consistent shampoo, conditioner, treatment and heat protection.

Fringe and bang areas generally require a little more maintenance and many salons offer a complimentary bang trim in between prebooked hair cut appointments as we do. 

The best way to get what you need from your design is to stick to the plan that you and your stylist have set out on to get you to your desired length or to maintain the chosen style.  Prearranging your appointments or booking standing appointments takes away the stress of waiting until it just has no good hair days and you are struggling to get in to see your stylsit…(and yes by the way stress does affect your hair).  If you feel that you cant schedule haircuts in to your schedule think of it this way you have been getting haircuts since the beginning of you days and will right to the end with  that kind of longevity and dedication your hair deserves a place in your monthly schedule!



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