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Time for a cut?

posted by Trina on December 14, 2013,
in the category Uncategorized.


1. It no longer styles the way you want it to.

Is your hair just not doing what it used to do? Over time your haircut grows out and uses its shape so if it doesn’t have the same style it’s time for a cut!


2. You can’t see anymore.

One of the most obvious ways you can tell it’s time for a cut is if your bangs or face framing pieces are falling in your face and you can’t see anymore.


3. Your curls are flat.

Most curly haired women love shape and bounce in their curls. If your curls no longer seem to move chances are they are lacking moisture. Dry hair lacks shape and shine. If you’re missing any of these three things it’s time for a trim!


4. It’s “sizzled”

Our stylists often use this term for mechanically damaged hair. If your ends look dead, dry or frizzy it’s probably time for a trim. To prevent this make sure you use a heat protector in your hair and take it easy on the heat styling!


5. You need a change.

If you’re feeling tired of doing the same thing day after day you could use a little change in your hair style. If you start feeling like the seasons change more than your hair does it may be time for a new cut!

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