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The Beauty Balm Movement

posted by Trina on June 20, 2012,
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You’ve seen the commercials and the ads are in every magazine but what really is a beauty balm anyways?

For makeup artists there are different types of coverages used for different effects and skin types.  Foundations come in all styles from liquid to dry to high definition and shear.  Foundations will almost always include a high amount of skin tioned pigments to blend and correct skin imperfections and discoloration.  When you ad a little of this type of pigment to something in the skin care moisturizing family you get a “tinted moisterizer”, shear, light and fluid… this is great for daily wear to moisturize and hold makeup while blending imperefections and keeping out free radicals.    When you go another step further and ad some soothing botanicals and some brightning serums you now have a beauty balm.  Each brand will posess their own specific atributes and price ranges so it is important you choose wisely.  The beauty balm you can try in the store or that has a money back guarantee is your best bet. 

 If you are a shear and natural beauty this may be the only bottle you need however for many women this will be a daily alternative to their full coverage evening wear make-up.

Look for the beauty balm that has the least fragrance, broad spectrum coverage if you are not already wearing one and that is in you color catergory.   Keeping paraben free is also a good idea as some of these dangerouse chemicals will cause hormone dysfunction when you are  over exposed and no one needs added stress on their hormone load.. Don’t forget these beauty balms are great non-pore clogging alternatives to foundations but can also be worn as a primer for foundations to smooth an minimize pores and great when you are going for photos.   Pick out a balm and enjoy the beauty movement.

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