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Reduce your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke with Stretching

posted by Trina on July 12, 2012,
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Yoga and deep stretching have been popular with the fit and healthy for hundreds of years but aside from general relaxation and relief  and elongation of stressed and worked muscles new research has shown stretching actually can reduce your risk of diseases caused by artery inflammation by as much as thirty percent or more.  A quick test may show you wether or not you may be in a higher risk catergory for artery inflammation and than possibly heart related disease.  stand with your feet hip width apart feet flat on the floor and reach down with your hands.  If you are not able to touch your toes…chances are you are in a higher risk catergory and would benefit from a general checkup and blood pressure test.  Other risk factors are of course smoking, caffiene and sodium intake high fat and hydrogenated fat intake, genetics and a stress related lifestyle. 

Studies show that as little as thirty minutes of stretching three days a week can reduce your risk of artery inflammation by almost a third and this stretching doesnt have to be a hot intense yoga, the mild stretches that get you touching your toes and reaching behind your back are enough to reduce your risk.   The relaxation benefits and the effects on cortisol levels will also reduce your risk for heart attack and other inflammatory related illness.  So stretch out those tight muscles for slim elongated muscles and healthy flexible arteries…to your health.

So stretchout

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