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Heating Your Hair …The Truth

posted by Trina on April 28, 2013,
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So very attentive stylists in the salon community agree that with the expantion of heat implements comes the rise of damaged hair. While this is a wonderfl way to add services into our day the truth is we really would like our guests to realize the fabric they are working and how delicate it is. Not all implements are created equal and honestly they are not always perfect in their thermo regulation. What does this mean for you….not knowing how much time your hair can with stand with you curling wand or flat iron on your hair. Time is of the most valuable importance when dealing with heat…think of how quicky water turns from not boiling to boiling. Here are some valuable tips when choosing to use heat implements but rememember our stylists at Cut and Design Fergus will dedicate time with you to practice your technique….
1) never use on wet or damp hair ever…ever this creates steam and frixzz and an uneven fabric
2) choose a high quality flat iron with thermo control and do not turn above 390 degrees ever. fine and or highlighted and damaged hair less
3) section and use a comb when curling or straightning
4) use a thermal protectant
5) do not overlap on the area and do not hold in one place
6) when in doubt of the thermo regulation try on a piece of tissue paper to check if it scorches

and most importantly….do not follow the directions of someone on their utube or facebook site…check with your professional Redken stylist first.

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