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Get The Safe Golden Glow the Celebrities Indulge In…

posted by Trina on May 6, 2012,
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It goes without saying that swimsuit season reveals a host of ways to darken the bodies of intelligent people evrywhere. Tanned bodies can do many things…make a body appear slimmer, more toned and free from spider veins and flaws of the sort. While we do need a certain amount of naturally occuring vitamin d from the sun we know over exposure can cause skin cancer and in the least wrinkles and sun damage causing premature visual aging. Concentrated uva and b rays in tanning beds are convienient but costly and equally if not more damaging than our sun. Whats the safest alternative…self tanner. Everyone one has had a failed tanner attempt you leave looking great only to darken too much after a few hours or are streak filled and have nail stains and an odour. The answer to your need for the glow has all the celebrities glowing and its called Fake Bake a botanical all natural salon professional system of home use self tanning and salon professionally applied spray systems that keeps skin tanned and healthy looking naturally without the smell and staining of traditional methods. Made with a built in shade finder you are practically guaranteed a flawless finish and instant tan. With the opprotunity for a healthy safe and affordable glow at your finger tips in only minutes its worth the trip to your local professional salon for a “Fake Bake”

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