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Detoxify for healthier nails, skin and hair

posted by Trina on June 24, 2012,
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While we are busy trying to enhance our beauty on the outside our body is trying to process the nutrients we consume as well as the harsh toxins we ingest and inhale on a daily basis.  Without proper nutrition, hydration and activity the body processes slow down and in some cases fail.  It is important that as busy humans in a harsh environment we give time to replenish our cells in order for them to prosper.

Cleanses are a great way to reset the body and to activate all of the healthy enzyme and cellular action that yields beautiful skin, hair , nails and mental clarity.  Many people in the health and nutrition world believe in some form of cleansing seasonally and though i cannot make any claims specifically I can personally agree that some cleanses have worked very well for myself, my associates and many clients.  There are many to be discovered from many companies and many sources however the most mportant thing to know is that this type of program takes dedication and commitment and for many people should be either under a doctors supervision or at least a before exam with recommendation from a certified nutrtionist, dieticiaan, naturopath or M.D.  

To choose a good cleanse you must first evaluate the length of the program…typically to be creating new habits for the body it should be at least 21 days.  During this time their should be some form of nutrtionally balanced calorie intake including fibre, water, magnesium, potassium, vitamins, protien and yes carbohydrate in order to fuel the body. 

No cleanse should include the  complete removal of food and for most people the best way is to get a cleanse with support and easily laid out  resources for your food intake.  Please note that cleanses often promote weight loss however if you are looking for a crash weight loss you may get it and than with that mindset gain it all back once you are not on that program.

  Cleanses should look at the whole mind and body because as you remove internal toxins often emotionally you will be challenged as well.  A cleanse that has a harsh or invasive laxitive is not healthy or necessary your temporary removal of certain foods and some times permanant removal of processed foods with added fibre, hydration and enzymes will provide enough cleansing. 

 Most cleanses require a moderate amount of exercise either stretching, yoga or walking so your regular intense program would be hindered however the body is doing a workout all on its own during a cleanse.  Smoking, alcohol ad caffiene  are  not recommended on a cleanse so Irecommed removing slowly and leaving in just a little if absolutly necessary for physical support(these are heavy body addictions you may want to consult your physician first) what you will likely find is by the end of the cleanse you will no longer have such residues and therefore a reduced addiction.  

If you are willing to do a cleanse set you house up for sucess(remove temptations).  try to creat a healthy environment with lots of fruit and water available and definately tell evryone around you that you are doing this and you would appreciate it if they didn’t tempt you.  Most people will ask questions and be interested,if they try to set you up for failure don’t be thrown off guard let them know you will let them know how great you feel after.  

Remove processed boxed foods, sodas, sugar and artifical sweeteners in the set up time and start reducing your caffiene intake, get your groceries, write down your start date and begin.

  Your best time to begin is when your in it to win it! 

 Additional cleansing benefits may be a swedish(not deep tissue massage) sauna, ion cleansing, epsom salt soaks a reflexology pedicure and meditation. 

Do journal daily about your experiance and to make the process easier and yes if you can do it with a buddy…even better.  

When you are done enter slowly into your regular eating and workout schedule.  After all of this work you do not want to ruin you digestion with a midnight run to the MSG buffet!

Life is for enjoying so when you return to your regular daily program enjoy something great as a treat and celebrate the field it was grown in and the people who provided it as you chew and think of your intake you will find you won’t want poisonous food near as often and your body will tell you that as well.

Try including more and more healthy choices every day…you will live longer and look better!


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