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Condition your nails?

posted by Trina on July 17, 2012,
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If you have ever noticed the beauty of a person and than observed the deception behind their unsightly nails and aged hands you maybe have asked yourself  “how do I avoid that.”  The truth is that special oil you see in a spa or salon is just what your nails may be craving.  Nails and hands see more environmental exposure than almost any other part of our body and without care they will show it.  Our cuticles and nailbeds require conditioning as protection and nourishment.  while hand lotions are wonderful you want to make sure you also stimulate the proper cuticle growth and nail fortification.  Solor oil is a wonderful antioxidant rich oil that is proven to not only provide a healthy nail and cuticle environment but also help keep nails from breaking and polishes from chipping.  You wash your hands regularly right?  We already know you wouldn’t dare wash your hair and not put a conditioner on it to restore the proper ph so why burden your nails and expect perfection?  Head to your spa and purchase some solar or professional nail and cuticle oil and apply regularily. 

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