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Reduce Anxiety, Stress and headaches while promoting vitality and proper sleep

posted by Trina on December 29, 2012,
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You have heard about lavender, its one of natures most amazing natural remedies.  This scent when in its pure and natural state has the unique ability to change the vibration of the cells of the body and even clear chakra blockages.  The brain as amazing as it is recognizes lavender oil among others as a high frequency living substance and once it gets hold of it amazing things happen.  The body often relaxes to the point of cortisol being reduced in some people, headaches may disapate and often anxiety and nervous reactions will reduce or disapear.   LAvender has been used in many nar=tural healing agents since the beginning of time and it is available readily now in products as an antibacterial and much more think of the perfect natural scent.  SYNERGY BLEND by Heanven Scent is our roll on blend of peppermint and pure lavender oil in the exact right blend for perfect stress reduction and ease of body and mind naturally.  Our team loves this product as a pocket item and its an all purpose product for men or women even children.  We use it for many of the following ailments…headaches, colds, anxiety, stress, add, nasea, pain, depression, mood swings, jaw aches and as a scent or energy booster on the soft points behind the ears and wrists.   Pick it up you wont be disapointed.


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