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Pre Wedding Wellness Tips for a Beautiful Bride

posted by Trina on June 13, 2012,
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Beauty starts on the inside..  Use food as fuel before the big day, limit the intake of alcohol, caffiene, msg and sodium about seven to ten days before the big day to reduce cellulite, blemishes and redness on the skin also remember to hydrate with lots of water for glowing skin.

  Lots of fresh greens and protein will grow hair, skin and nails effectively.  Condider a bridal bootcamp or yoga program six weeks before the big day in order to rev up the body and to clear the mind.  When your circulation is pumping you will look more youthful and healthy on the big day.

Take  time to meditate or to have long baths in epsom salts to detoxify, ionic cleanses and tai stem or rock massages also help to detoxify the body and skin and aid in relaxation.

two weeks before the big day have a professional facial to prepare and cleanse the skin.  Doing it two weeks before will still leave the skin fresh without the chance of noticeable irratation from a stronger professional product.


Consider adding and extra few grams of fibre and a b12 supplement to your diet for energy and stamina.  Many people who are under stress will deplete the stores of B and require more. B12 is a water soluble vitamin that many women often do not get enough of particularily vegitarians and those who are eating balanced diets. 


Pass on these great habits to your family and wedding party and remember to adapt these tips into a regular healthy lifestyle for you and your loved one.

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