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Pillow Proof Blow Dry Family

posted by Trina on August 22, 2017,
in the category New Hair Care Products.

 Redken has revamped one of our absolute favorite product families! All of the stylists at Cut and Design use these products every day and we love them all. The biggest change to the family is the new Pillow Proof Style Extender formulas. They are a matte finish dry shampoo with no powdery residues. There is finally a dry shampoo for brunettes as well; that means no more worrying about blending in that white powder from previous dry shampoos. They have also added a new feature to these dry shampoos called “Touch Activated Fragrance”. The product smells amazing and keeps smelling amazing as you run your hands through your hair. We can’t wait for you all to fall in love with these products as much as we have!

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