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Lavender Face Cream…..return to simple

posted by Trina on January 18, 2013,
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So we found a favourite in our salon and we need to share the information with our readers. Heaven Scent Lavender Face Cream is a soothing rich and indulgent face cream that goes so far we can’t believe it and we sell the stuff! This all natural, organic, paraben, dye free lotion is perfect for all skin types. Lavender is naturally soothing to the skin and all redness it also has been known to increase collagen production and cell turnover. Our guests report that they are soothed and relaxed after it is used and that their skin looks and feels amazing. People with rosacea and redness and inflamation can also benefit from this product as lavender also has a antibacterial quality to it and the ability to sooth irritation. While this is a great anti-aging product this cream is great for all ages and skin types. Their is a breathable wearable finish to this product that we cannot get enough of and hey its locally made…even better.

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