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How to Wear Brighter Make-up Colors for Summer

posted by Trina on July 20, 2012,
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When the summer heat turns on and the summer cosmetics roll around you will notice a fabulous  of brighter colors to play with.

Bold colors can enhance a tan and brighten your glow while uplifting your spirit but there is a right way to wear bright colors.

First, it is important to realize that too much is too  and less is more.  Adjust the level of color to the out fit you are wearing and or the event you are attending.  For example, a neutral or black out fit can handle a little more color in your make-up.  Evening wear can also look great with an intense eye or lip and even a metallic.  Shimmer and sparkle is probably not best for the office however it can look great as a highlighter with bronzes, pinks and tropical colors for day and great with beach wear.

If you have darker skin you can wear jewel tones well however the paler skin tones look best with lighter tones bronzy tones and peachy products.


Teal, purple and champagne tones look great around any eye if paired with a neutral pallette eye and subtly enhanced just at the inner top lashline or outside lash line and if you need a little something to calm down the intensity of the bright liner or shadow you applied you can over lay the color with a neutral.

colored mascara is a fun way to as color try a mahogany or navy to brighten the whites of the eyes(remmeber two even coats should be enough for a lush natural look that enhances the lashes and eyes).

do not forget the gloss a sheer balm or gloss with your favourite baby pink, or watermelon tone with shimmer is great for summer.

The same rules apply in summer as always, dont forget your spf,  layer light layers, blend blend blend and remember sparkle is not for everyone it can be too much while it  sits in fine lines enhancing wrinkles try a pearl or irridescent in your lips or one other area and leave the sparkle for special events and to make a fun statement.


so go choose a cute color gloss or eyecolor and flash your smile summer style. 

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