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How Often Do You Need to Color Your Hair?

Chemists have made some amazing discoveries and improvements in the last few years with regards to color and its longevity but when it comes to true color perfection how often should you color your hair?  Not all color molecules are created equally first of all there is a difference between over the counter color (purchased in a store and applied at home) and professional color (applied at a professional salon).


The main difference is usually the stabilizers added to the over the counter colors that allow them to be used easily on many hair types with a relative amount of accuracy wether or not these stabilizers are healthy for the users health or hair integrity is up for discussion.


Having said all this once you find the color you love you want to keep it looking great so what is the appropriate time  to color again…most people find that a good color will maintain its sonsitancy for about a month this varies from hairtype to hairtype and is affected by the maintenance greatly.  Healthy hair and healthy indivduals with no thyroid conditions or medications will last this and maybe longer only requiring root or zone one retouches with a little refreshen or glaze on the ends from time to time as needed.  The healthier the hair the longer generally it maintains the color however this does not include the grwth factor or the roots.  If your hair is grwoing it will need the roots done. 

Our stylsits like to see about 1/2 to 1 inch regrowth on their color retouched more than that may require a reformulation of the color(this has to do with zones of the hair adhering and processing color differently.)

If you are dark and have grey you will notice the grey regrowth earlier and may need to visit every three weeks for a t zone or a roots touch up and dark hair individuals who are blond may as well.  One way to help with the regrowth is to add some foils to break up the regrowth line and this plan work well as an alternate every couple appointments.

Reds, coppers and intense colors will require a refreshen usually within the month time and dominate dyes (pinks, violets etc) will require colors more often.  Keep in mind that all colors are not created equal their are temporary colors, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, permanent, direct, lighteners, decolorizers, double pigmented colors and more so going the trip alone may work or may not especially on follow up colors.  Your professional  colorist should be able to guide you with each session as to what the best way is to achieve the desired outcome from that point.  When you leave ask when you should reschedule and stick to the date…Prebook to avoid problems and get traffic stopping hair!

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