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Heaven Scent Natural Products

posted by Trina on December 27, 2012,
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Why we love natural…
Paraben free all natural and locally made we love this company because it stands for evrything we do…the best of supporting aids without harmful agents.
Many of the ingredients in health beauty and cleaning aids are not only harmful for the environment but for your bodies and can lead to such ailments as tthyroid disorders(weight gain and depression), adhd, alzheimers and more so why put these harmful agents to work for you when you can naturally beautify and heal while detoxing. Our full line of hand selected items include miracle all purpose healers like healing balm and crack and calous repar to essential oils for cleaning, mood elevation and hair restoration. Inspired by visionary, Jennifer Clark who took her care for her lupus, fibromyalgia and cancer from the original methods of natural lifestyle changes, healthy eating and the use of essintial oils that are scientifically evaluted in our modern age. Many testimonials have supported the research she and others have been doing for years and it is supported by the research of some of our own staff who have been using oils and naturopathic and other forms of natural healing for years. This line is fun and interesting an affordable there are no side affects and we simply love using them. There is a full baby line and mother au pair line these may hold the answer to your vericose veins , stretch marks and csection scars….yes for real! If you are interested in having a natural party to learn more please email us to get on the list for a destress night, make your own facial or room spray night, natural cleaning night or host your own and share the news with friends.

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