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How to avoid stress this Holiday season!

posted by Trina on November 27, 2013,
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The Christmas season is here and we sure are in the spirit. The salons decorated, our great deals are on display and selling fast, and our Pre-book promotion is underway. Some think that Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year, but many find it the most stressful. So let us help you this year! Here are some awesome ways to cut down on your stress during the Holiday season.

So first, lets figure out what stress is and what causes it. Stress cannot be easily defined because it is different for every person. Some people thrive off of a busy life style and can cope with their daily stress like a knife cutting through butter. Others however aren’t able to function like this. The slightest change in their day to day schedules can cause everything to go out of whack and cause stress. Some common signs of stress are,

  • Not getting a proper nights sleep because you’re up worrying
  • Feeling tense, sometimes flight or fight hormones are released and cause physical symptoms like nausea, sweating with a dry mouth, a thumping heart or even a knot in your stomach
  • Being impatient or irritable at minor issues
  • Being unable to relax, and always feeling like something needs to be done
  • Headaches and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders

So how do you avoid stress? Especially during without a doubt the busiest season of the year? We suggest you try keeping a stress diary. Keep in depth notes about when you felt stressed through your day, why you are feeling stressed and where you are. You may notice after a few weeks that a pattern will start to emerge. It could be the traffic on your way to work, a loud or nosey neighbour or even their pet that sets your day off to a bad start! Try talking to a close friend or family member about what stresses you out and why, this may help both of you and could even cause that person to help you out so you aren’t as stressed out! Another idea is when you feel as if you’re stressed try some relaxation exercises.

  • Deep breathing: Take a long, slow deep breath in and very slowly breathe out. You can do this multiple times and if you concentrate on it fully you could find it very relaxing!
  • Stretching: Next time you’re in a traffic jam instead of stressing yourself out try doing some simple stretches. Try twisting your neck around each way as far as you comfortably can and then relax.

Setting specific times of the day aside for yourself can also prove to be beneficial. Don’t just assume that you’ll get a chance to at some point during your day, plan for it that way you know it will happen. A long bath, a quiet walk, listening to music or watching your favourite television show are just a few small things you can do for yourself at the end of a long day.

Give yourself plenty of time through out the day to have a “time out”. No you aren’t in trouble, this time is to allow you a few minutes to relax and plan your next steps. Getting up 15-20 minutes early could have a huge impact on your day, in this time you can plan for the day ahead and know exactly what’s coming rather than forgetting important details.

Regular exercise can also help lower your stress level while keeping you healthy! Try to plan around 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. A fast paced walk after dinner is the perfect thing and you can even come home and have a nice long bath after! We definitely recommend our Heaven Scent lavender items for relaxation as well.

Whatever you do, do not rely on alcohol and smoking to help your stress. This leads to nothing but problems in the long run. Drinking to temporarily calm your nerves could become a habit that you don’t want to have.

Hopefully we’ve helped you learn how to battle your stress this Holiday season, get that Christmas shopping started to avoid unnecessary stress as well!


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