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How to Wear Brighter Make-up Colors for Summer

posted by Trina on July 20, 2012,
in the category Uncategorized.

When the summer heat turns on and the summer cosmetics roll around you will notice a fabulous  of brighter colors to play with. Bold colors can enhance a tan and brighten your glow while uplifting your spirit but there is a right way to wear bright colors. First, it is important to realize that too […]

Condition your nails?

posted by Trina on July 17, 2012,
in the category Uncategorized.

If you have ever noticed the beauty of a person and than observed the deception behind their unsightly nails and aged hands you maybe have asked yourself  “how do I avoid that.”  The truth is that special oil you see in a spa or salon is just what your nails may be craving.  Nails and hands […]

Reduce your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke with Stretching

posted by Trina on July 12, 2012,
in the category Uncategorized.

Yoga and deep stretching have been popular with the fit and healthy for hundreds of years but aside from general relaxation and relief  and elongation of stressed and worked muscles new research has shown stretching actually can reduce your risk of diseases caused by artery inflammation by as much as thirty percent or more.  A […]

How to Blow Dry Like a Pro

posted by Trina on July 11, 2012,
in the category Uncategorized.

With blow dry concept salons and blow dry bars popping up everywhere it is obvious that the secret to glamour and stress free hair is in the blow dry.  Though you may never be able to reach every angle and feel as pampered as you do at the salon we can offer some simple blow […]

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