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Detoxify for healthier nails, skin and hair

posted by Trina on June 24, 2012,
in the category Uncategorized.

While we are busy trying to enhance our beauty on the outside our body is trying to process the nutrients we consume as well as the harsh toxins we ingest and inhale on a daily basis.  Without proper nutrition, hydration and activity the body processes slow down and in some cases fail.  It is important […]

The Beauty Balm Movement

posted by Trina on June 20, 2012,
in the category Uncategorized.

You’ve seen the commercials and the ads are in every magazine but what really is a beauty balm anyways? For makeup artists there are different types of coverages used for different effects and skin types.  Foundations come in all styles from liquid to dry to high definition and shear.  Foundations will almost always include a high […]

Pre Wedding Wellness Tips for a Beautiful Bride

posted by Trina on June 13, 2012,
in the category Uncategorized.

Beauty starts on the inside..  Use food as fuel before the big day, limit the intake of alcohol, caffiene, msg and sodium about seven to ten days before the big day to reduce cellulite, blemishes and redness on the skin also remember to hydrate with lots of water for glowing skin.   Lots of fresh […]

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