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Style that Really Shines Through

Cut and Design Premier Platinum Redken salon and Spa is dedicated to providing an exceptional guest experience. Our service providers are all committing to holding their customers in the highest regard while providing the most current, progressive techniques available in the beauty industry. Our team is committed to ongoing education at the Redken salon academy and with the world’s most inspiring and sought after artists.

Our large salon and fun environment offers services for everybody from the individual with specific needs to large wedding and birthday parties. Cut and Design offers all of your hair, skin and make-up needs in one convenient location seven days a week. Our team of talented professionals are highly skilled in the art of hair design as well as the understanding of hair chemistry you can trust that you will be able to redefine your undefined self as the guest at our salon.

The Cut and Design culture encourages employee advancement our prices are based on a level system where our service providers prices reflect their experience, level of education and demand. Our prices listed are a baseline for this system.

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